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Less compromised cards 
Wifi Deotection Smart Card
Ryteback Smart Cards:
About Our Less Compromised Smart Cards:

Ryteback has spent many years researching how to reduce cloning and credit card fraud, mean while magnetic strips , Pins and  wifi card are convenient there are also very venerable to thief.
card cp3

So we have created a very simple and less compromised smart with the highest in security and real time alerts in an instant.
With out smart cards, customers can shop a lot less easier, and with no worries, our cards are fully photo identifiable  upon the four way verification.

While cloning the physical card can be done a hundred (100%) percent, it’s data is not, because of the restructure of the card it information is a ninety nine (99%) percent clone fee.          

 Wifi Security Detection
wifi scan & card We have implemented an awesome silent anti thief alert system on our smart cards, with the wifi features, customer can now control every option the card has to offer.

Our latest double pin code can now be activated by the customer, allowing any wifi terminal or our cell phone application to detect the card even if it is not in used,

NOTE: it must be close or near to a wifi detector for the features to work.

 Sample Cards:
rb card airpln            RB sm cards sp              Rb card building