POS Terminals

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Coming SOON!!! RFID, BARCODE, SWIPE, & PIN POS Four Way Thermal
 We at Ryteback are excited to be soon launching our  new four way point of sale (POS) terminal machine, with this new innovated machine it will be capable of preforming four authenticated functions such as barcode scanning, RFIF scanning, magnetic strip swipes and jsop pin. Once smart cards are verified, this machine will display the customers picture ID and address to match their cards information, this way merchants and clerks can easily identify the person  preforming the transaction, therefore eliminating and deterring card fraud and hacking. 

Our point of sale (POS) will be very user friendly with simple basic preforming functions.  What will be so great about this machine is that all parts and components has zero ties to the customer banking information, making it a hundred present (100%) modification free guaranteed. Ryteback Smart products are produced with top security.  We  strive to eradicate and minimize as much of the dishonesty we face daily as we go about our life  

4 Function POS
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4 Function POS
80mm Wifi POS Thermal Printer (148×195) Auto Cut
                pos wifi
80mm POS Thermal Printer Arg Size (145×195) Auto Cut
          80mm POS Thermal Printer (Auto Cut) 145x195
80mm POS Thermal Printer (145×195) Manual Cut
pos 80 non cut
58mm POS Thermal Printer (145×195) Manual Cut
58mm pos auto cut