Ryteback Church Announcement:

Communicate Any where! Any time, Ryteback Announcement and Announce programs now allows the church to post all activities in realtime, members can now have the comfort of viewing, listening and streaming between different organizations. This also offers instant slide show promotions, email and texting alert notifications & more, Check us out Today!

Church Announce!

Announcement (Master). This software consists of two programs. The Announcement is the master program which controls what is posted in real time viewing. With this new and exciting program, members now have the option to view all announcements, posters, fliers, video promotions, live streaming and their own Church’s channel, anywhere and at any time. It offers a daily live advertising slide show which runs twenty-four hours, and with this the Church can provide a wider reach to persons electronically. This technology gives members fast and quick access to what the Church is providing at the touch of a button. With our instant email and texting alert system, members can keep up-to-date on each post of their Church’s announcements. This also gives Churches the option to link and easily communicate, witness and pray with each other. This program will be available in executable (EXE) for laptops and pcs, with a soon coming application package kit (APK) for cell phones and tablets.

Announce (Members). This second program Announce is FREE and it is available to all members who wish to view the announcements. It gives a wide range of viewings of different Churches. For closer viewing, simply hover over the particular menu or photo and it appears on the left in a larger format. To view all advertising promotions from the top slide shows hover over for additional viewing and contact information. This is done also to set instant alerts via emails or text messaging, and to enable voice function to have the announcements read to you. View streaming videos, promotions, and Church channels at your convenience, anywhere and anytime. Missing a day from your congregation? It’s not a problem! The Ryteback Announce keeps you up to date fast and efficient. View your service or other venue services as they are preached; either private or public viewing and streaming is available. Ryteback has just made it easier for any service to be viewed across the world instantly and in real time.

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Ryteback Smart Card & FlexX Cheque:

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Ryteback Cell Phone App And SOON COMING ! Four Way POS Terminal
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 Wifi Anti Thief Detection:

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